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simple kind of life

rock steady

1 August

suzanami made my mood theme & layout!!!
(she is also a journal hacker/userinfo editor!)


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(koi), aim, angel, anime, apples, arizona, art, baby, bacon cheesebagah, bailamos, bathwater, being alone, black, blue, calling cards, candy, cardcaptors sakura, cars, cds, chap stick, cheese con queso, chicago, chile peppers, chilli, computers, cookies, crunchy hair, darkness, degrassi, degrassi: the next generation, doctah peppah, dogs, drawing, england, erasers, everything in time, ferio, florida, food, fop-loves-umi, fopsama, france, friends, funn, fuu, gatitas, grand prix, gumballs, gwen stefani, harry potter, himeno, hot, hugs, josh groban, kisses, kissies from spood, kool, kyle minogue, lamb, light, livejournal, love, magic knights, many interests xd, manzana lift, manzanita sol, me, mexico, mi iglesia, mimi, mini golf, mokona, mokona-pie, moomoo, moon, msn, music, my necklace, my puppies :3, my watch, neko, nicknames, no doubt, no touchie register, oekaki, ohio, orcas, paint, paper, peaches, pencils, pens, peppers, pocket-sized mexicans, prétear, puppies, queen latifa, quita/wuita, rain, rayearth, red, reese's, return of saturn, rock steady, sailor moon, samantha mumba, saturn, shakira, shakira_love, shin, skye, sleeping, some pop music, spanish, stars, steffanie, strawberries, sulfuric peaches, sun, techno, that song, the mcculloughs!, the non-existant state (arizona), them, this song, tragic kingdom, turkles, turtle kissies, umi, umi-chan, umi-koi, us, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, warm, we, whales, which song, white, white destiny, you, your smile, yumm, yuzurenai negai